"I imagine that will not be before the end of the Summer term, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for everything you have all done for my girls. They have both loved coming to Oscar Club and I have loved knowing that they have been in such a safe, enriching, and fun setting.


Please say a special thank you to Janette from E.... for us. Quite often, during lockdown, E.... has come out with an interesting fact or a pearl of wisdom and when questioned on the origins of the information, she simply answers “Janette told me” in the lovely matter-of fact way that she has." Kirsten, May 2020

"Oscars is an amazing child care provision.  Everyone is so child dedicated and it has made my life so easy over the years knowing that my children were in safe hands and they were loving it! I know E.... will remember Oscars for a very long time and will miss you all as G........... did."  Tracy, May 2020



“My children have loved their time with you.  They have brought home amazing art work, done such fun activities and made new memories and friends.  Thank you so much for all your support.  You have truly amazed me with your care and warmth for me and my children."  Sophie, July 2019 

“I'm so incredibly grateful that both my children (and my neice) got to go to such a fantastic pre-school.  You are all dedicated and caring people who have given my children so many wonderful experiences.  They will never forget their time here.  We won't either!"

Emma, July 2019 

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done of caring for Harry over the past two years.  We are so glad we sent him to Oscars because you really are wonderful at what you do with such a nurturing and caring approach.  You obviously work so hard and work so well together and should be so proud.  Its been lovely to see him grow and develop since he started and the effort you put in to make his experience there a good one is so much appreciated."  Lisa and Simon, July 2019 

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